Every unaccompanied minor immigrant is assigned a personal guardian by the Guardianship department (FPS Justice), who helps him or her to find a lawyer, to submit an asylum application, to find a suitable school and other practical and legal help.
Are you also interested in becoming a guardian for unaccompanied minors? More information, including the terms and conditions, can be downloaded from the FPS Justice’s website.


Unaccompanied minors originate from different parts of the world and they all come with their own story. The organisation called Minor-Ndako provides reception facilities and support for these young people. You can help them by becoming a mentor or support family. By taking part in activities with a mentor or support family and by gaining experience, the young people develop their self-confidence and their trust in others. It expands their social network and improves their integration in our society.
Further information can be found on Minor-Ndako’s website.


Become a host family
Do you have a large home with spare rooms? Would you like to provide (temporary) reception for refugees in your home? If so, you can register as a host family. Flemish Refugee Action and Pleegzorg Vlaanderen (Flanders Foster Care) support the host families. The help of a host family can prove invaluable to refugees, for example: to find rented accommodation, to learn the language or to find their way around our Belgian society.
More information is available on the Refugee Action’s website

Rent out your home, flat or studio if available
Together with its partner organisations, Flemish Refugee Action (Vluchtelingenwerk Vlaanderen) arranges individual support: in the course of the process, they arrange reception facilities for asylum seekers in homes, flats or studios and the organisation is continuously looking for safe, affordable housing. Including for confirmed refugees who have completed their application. Because they are expected to find their own home in the private sector and to leave the reception structure at short notice. This can be extremely difficult in practice. For that reason, they are looking for home owners willing to rent out an entire house or flat to our partner organisations or to refugees who successfully completed their asylum procedure.